ENGLISHJET has been providing quality courses in all languages since 2000. We are an innovative company with fresh and dynamic ideas, and a whole new attitude towards the study of languages. We believe very firmly ...    Read more ->
COMPANY COURSES: Did you know that in international conferences or meetings, an executive can lose up to 80% of his professional status, if he is not well prepared? All of our courses are specially tailored to incorporate the linguistic and professional needs of our students according to ....    Read more ->
ONLINE COURSE FOR COMPANIES: In our fast moving world, it seems that we have no time for anything, not even to brush up on our linguistic skills. For this reason our online course offers the perfect opportunity to our clients who wish to follow a serious english course although they have very little free time.    Read more ->
PRIVATE SKYPE/TELEPHONE CLASSES: This option is also open to the public in general. Of special interest to anyone who needs to make business calls, this is a useful alternative for students who cannot attend classes on a regular basis. This form has become more and more popular thanks to its flexibilty and convenience.    Read more ->

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