Level Test A1+


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 A. Does you live in Madrid?
 B. You does live in Madrid?
 C. Do you live in Madrid?
 D. Live you in Madrid?

 A. There isn't any money in the pot.
 B. There isn't money in the pot.
 C. There aren't money in the pot.
 D. There are money in the pot.

 A. Are this your book?
 B. Is these your book?
 C. Is this your?
 D. Is this your book?

 A. He don't have a car.
 B. He doesn't have got a car.
 C. He haven't got a car.
 D. He doesn't have a car.

 A. They eat never chocolate at bed time.
 B. Never they eat chocolate at bed time.
 C. They never eat chocolate at bed time.
 D. At bed time, they eat chocolate, never.

 A. I like walking at the park.
 B. I like walk at the park.
 C. I like to walking in the park.
 D. I like walking in the park.

7. Yesterday, ......
 A. she have lunch with my mother.
 B. she eat lunch with my mother.
 C. she had lunch with my mother.
 D. she does lunch with my mother.

8. Your sister ......
 A. is older as you.
 B. is older like you.
 C. is older than you.
 D. is old than you.

9. They usually go to work ......
 A. under train.
 B. in train.
 C. by train.
 D. on train.

10. That is ......
 A. better restaurant in town.
 B. a better restaurant in town.
 C. a best restaurant in town.
 D. the best restaurant in town.

11. How much ......
 A. does an ice cream cost?
 B. eggs are in the fridge?
 C. people are coming to the party?

12. Can you ......
 A. ask me the time please?
 B. help me, please?
 C. swim, please?

 A. How far
 B. How long
 C. How much distance
...... is it from Paris to London?     

 A. How big
 B. How high
 C. How tall
...... is your father?     

 A. Do you like
 B. How do you like
 C. Would you like
...... a cup of tea?     

Which sentence has the correct word order?
 A. She has long black hair.
 B. She has black long hair.
 C. She has hair, long and black.

 A. They are very good at languages.
 B. They are very good with languages.
 C. With languages, they are very good.

 A. How long are you living in Madrid?
 B. How long have you lived in Madrid?
 C. How long did you lived in Madrid?

 A. I have to do things many.
 B. I have many things to do.
 C. I many things have to do.

 A. We have lunch always at two o'clock.
 B. Always we have lunch at two o'clock.
 C. We always have lunch at two o'clock.

Which one is different?
 A. cousin
 B. aunt
 C. dog

 A. trousers
 B. shoes
 C. desk

 A. purple
 B. tree
 C. orange

 A. supermarket
 B. aeroplane
 C. hospital

 A. policeman
 B. brother
 C. father

Choose the correct preposition
26. The sofa is ...... the fireplace.
 A. in front of
 B. front

27. The book isn't on the table. It's ...... the table.
 A. over
 B. under

28. Where is my lipstick? Oh, it's ...... my bag.
 A. in
 B. inside

29. The bakery is ...... the library and the shoe store.
 A. near
 B. between

30. Come and sit ...... me, on the sofa.
 A. under
 B. next