General Courses

    English courses and other languages taught in companies:
General English Course:   These are General English courses, meeting twice weekly, usually in small groups. These courses are very convenient for students of more advanced levels, allowing them to maintain a good working knowledge of the language.
The classes usually have a duration of 60, 90 , or 120 minutes.
'Blended' Courses:   These consist of one regular 90 minute class a week, meeting in a small group, with a teacher. This is supplemented by one individual telephone class a week, for the duration of 30 minutes. This method allows students the practical opportunity of having an individual class with the teacher, where they can practice what was studied in class, on an individual basis.
Individual Courses:   These consist of a private class with an individual student. These courses are designed specifically according to the studentís requirements and needs.
All courses include:
  An initial level test  
  The Organisation of groups and schedules  
  Monthly reports of attendance  
  Regulation of changes in the groups, due to changes in level, changes in location, etc.  
  Regular reports for FUNDAE  

General Courses, modern and practicle methogology