•    Englishjet has been providing quality courses in all languages since 2000. We are an innovative company with fresh and dynamic ideas, and a whole new attitude towards the study of languages. We believe very firmly that the purpose of the study of language is for communication, regardless of where or under what circumstances.
•    This has lead us to develop our own very functional methodology, based on learning through constant practice and use of language. Above all, our method is based on the high quality of our learning technique.
•    Our philosophy is that language is functional and communicative which is based on a learning experience involving continued practice and use of the language.
•    We take into account every situation and linguistic necessity, not only for business, but social and cultural too. We can help you through business meetings and conferences, on to exhibition openings and events, or simply going out for the night with friends or colleagues.
•    Our objective is that our courses are effective and that our participants can see very quickly that they are making progress. Most of all, we concentrate on the development of fluency and accuracy skills, and giving our students the confidence they need to express themselves well in the language.

All of our instructors teach in their Mother tongue