Test de Nivel A2


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To test your progress at this level answer all questions,
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1. I haven't seen him ......
 A. since yesterday.
 B. for yesterday.
 D. until yesterday.

2. Have you ever ......
 A. gone
 B. went
 C. been
 D. was
...... to Mallorca?     

 A. We are use to live in Paris.
 B. We usually live in Paris.
 C. We are using to live in Paris.
 D. We used to live in Paris.

4. I wouldn't do that ......
 A. if I was you.
 B. if I would be you.
 C. if I were you.
 D. if I would you.

 A. They didn't see him
 B. They hadn't see him
 C. They can't see him
 D. They weren't see him
...... at the hotel, last week.     

6. They are ......
 A. going flying
 B. fly
 C. to fly
 D. going to fly
...... to Brazil tomorrow.     

7. I have never ......
 A. ate
 B. eat
 C. eaten
 D. to eat
...... Indian food.     

8. Robert's from New York, .....
 A. doesn't he?
 B. does he?
 C. is he?
 D. isn't he?

 A. Can you speak German?
 B. Could you speak German?
 C. Couldn't you speak German?
 D. Can't you speak German?

 A. You don't might
 B. You don't must
 C. You don't need
 D. You don't should
...... to collect me after the concert.     

Choose the correct word
11. Intelligent
 A. clever
 B. elegant

12. Beautiful
 A. stupid
 B. pretty

13. Amusing
 A. funny
 B. boring

14. Industrious
 A. hard working
 B. beautiful

15. Incredible
 A. not believable
 B. truly

16. Generous
 A. kind
 B. humorous

17. Tidy
 A. orderly
 B. elegant

Choose the correct preposition
18. We landed ...... Dublin airport, very late.
 A. in
 B. at

19. If we miss the flight, there isn't another ...... three hours!
 A. about
 B. for

20. We stayed ...... a really nice hotel near the beach.
 A. at
 B. on

21. It's not too late, so we can still have another glass ...... wine.
 A. for
 B. of

22. This sweater is made ...... the softest wool!
 A. from
 B. of

23. We decided to spend the weekend ...... Singapore.
 A. at
 B. in

24. They are really looking forward ...... our visit.
 A. to
 B. for

25. I hope you are coming to the party ...... my birthday!
 A. in
 B. on