Test de Nivel (II)


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 A. My name is Hugo.
 B. I am name Hugo.
 C. My Hugo is name.
 D. My name be Hugo.

 A. Where is you from?
 B. What is your from?
 C. Where are you from?
 D. You be from where?

 A. We be American.
 B. We is American.
 C. We are American.
 D. We not American.

 A. She is a doctor, she isn't a nurse.
 B. She be a doctor, she not be a nurse.
 C. She does a doctor, she don't be a nurse.
 D. She are a doctor, she not are a nurse.

 A. He not live in Paris.
 B. He don't live in Paris.
 C. He doesn't live in Paris.
 D. He doesn't lives in Paris.

 A. How many years be you?
 B. How old is you?
 C. How many years have you?
 D. How old are you?

 A. I haven't got a dog.
 B. I haven't a dog.
 C. I don't have a dog.
 D. I don't got a dog.

 A. Michael has always breakfast with his son.
 B. Michael always has breakfast with his son.
 C. Michael has breakfast with his son always.
 D. Always, Michael has breakfast with his son.

9. I go to English class......
 A. in Tuesday.
 B. by Tuesday.
 C. on Tuesday.
 D. at Tuesday.

 A. When were you borned?.
 B. When was you borned?
 C. When were you born?
 D. When was you born?

 A. I could swim when I was five.
 B. I can swim when I was five.
 C. I could to swim when I was five.
 D. I could swim when I had five.

12. Samuel ...... fly to New York this weekend.
 A. is going
 B. goes
 C. is going to
 D. goes to

13. I haven't seen you ......
 A. in
 B. for
 C. been
 D. has been
...... ages!     

 A. Did you ever been to China?
 B. Have you ever went to China?
 C. Have you ever been to China?
 D. Did you ever gone to China?

15. This summer, I think ......
 A. I am going
 B. I will go
 C. I'm going
 D. I will going
...... to Rome.     

 A. Arthur drives carefully, usually.
 B. Arthur usually drives carefully.
 C. Usually, Arthur drives carefully.
 D. Carefully, Arthur usually drives.

 A. How long
 B. How far
 C. How much
 D. How many
...... have you been living in Madrid?     

 A. You must to finish
 B. You to must finish
 C. You must finish
 D. You finish to must
...... the project tomorrow.     

19. If it rains tomorrow, ......
 A. we would
 B. we want
 C. we will
 D. we had would
...... visit the museum.     

20. You don't ......
 A. need to
 B. should
 C. must
 D. had to
...... wear a uniform, you know.     

21. He said that ......
 A. he would be
 B. he will be
 C. he were
 D. he is
...... here by six.     

22. The 'Bella Italia' was the first Italian restaurant ......
 A. to be open
 B. open
 C. opened
 D. to open
...... in my neighbourhood.     

23. Could you ......
 A. say me
 B. tell me
 C. say to me
 D. tell to me
...... where the train station is, please?     

24. Well well! What ......
 A. did we
 B. see we
 C. have we
 D. do we
...... here??     

25. I wouldn't do that ......
 A. if I was
 B. if I were
 C. if I would be
 D. if I be
...... you.     

Vocabulary section
Confusing words
26. When do you want to ...... to my house for dinner on Saturday?
 A. come
 B. go

27. And you can ...... some wine!
 A. take
 B. bring

28. He ...... that he is going to Paris next week.
 A. told
 B. said

29. Do you think you could ...... me ten euros?
 A. lend
 B. borrow

30. She ...... the baby very carefully to make sure he didn't fall.
 A. saw
 B. watched

31. Can you ...... the chicken in the oven? I hope its not burnt!
 A. control
 B. check

32. Did you ...... the storm last night?
 A. listen
 B. hear

33. It's very difficult to ...... a good salary these days.
 A. earn
 B. win

34. I haven't eaten Chinese food ...... ages.
 A. for
 B. since
 C. at

35. She was very disappointed ...... the boy's behaviour.
 A. on
 B. in
 C. of

36. He is having difficulties ...... studying physics at University.
 A. with
 B. to
 C. in

37. What do English people eat ...... Christmas?
 A. to
 B. at
 C. for

38. This picture was painted ...... Picasso.
 A. with
 B. from
 C. by

39. If you want to research something, just look it ...... online.
 A. after
 B. down
 C. up

40. He is very proud ...... playing the violin.
 A. by
 B. of
 C. from

41. Please wait ...... me after the concert!
 A. by
 B. for
 C. over

42. His opinion often differs ...... mine.
 A. with
 B. from
 C. to

43. When I go out of the room, you can talk ...... yourselves.
 A. between
 B. among
 C. in

44. I am very conscious ...... my big feet.
 A. of
 B. with
 C. about

45. I am absolutely fed up ...... learning English!
 A. of
 B. with
 C. in

Which one is different?
 A. Fire station
 B. Police station
 C. Radio station
 D. Railway station

 A. hospital
 B. pharmacy
 C. doctor's office
 D. ambulance

 A. restaurant
 B. hotel
 C. café
 D. ice cream parlor

 A. captain
 B. luggage
 C. flight attendant
 D. pilot

 A. builder
 B. lawyer
 C. architect
 D. foreman

 A. psychopath
 B. psychologist
 C. psychiatrist
 D. physiotherapist

 A. mortician
 B. mathematician
 C. politician
 D. economist

53. As clear as ...... .
 A. water
 B. crystal
 C. gold

54. As white as ...... .
 A. a ghost
 B. a sheet
 C. a pillow

55. As sick as a ...... .
 A. cat
 B. pig
 C. dog

56. As soft as ...... .
 A. putty
 B. snow
 C. pillow

57. As stiff as ...... .
 A. board
 B. poker
 C. coo

58. As bright as ...... .
 A. a flash
 B. a light
 C. a button

59. As safe as ...... .
 A. buildings
 B. houses
 C. churches

60. As easy as ...... .
 A. pie
 B. peaches
 C. punch