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Level Test (with answers)

Please choose one option for each question.
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1.  I haven't got ……
A. no brothers or sisters
B. brothers or sisters
C. any brothers or sisters
D. some brothers and sisters

2.  He goes to his guitar lessons....
A. by underground
B. on underground
C. with underground
D. in underground

A. Always he arrives at 2:30
B. He arrives at always 2:30
C. He always arrives at 2:30
D. He always at 2:30 arrives

A. Where playing Real Madrid?
B. Where is playing Real Madrid?
C. Where is Real Madrid playing?
D. Where playing is Real Madrid?

5.  I have Flamenco classes ……
A. on Saturday afternoons
B. in Saturday afternoons
C. at Saturday afternoons
D. by Saturday afternoons

6.  I wanted an orange car, but they only had .....
A. a one red
B. one red
C. a red one.
D. a red.

A. Mark usually eats fast.
B. Mark fast eats usually
C. Mark fast usually eats.
D. Mark usually fast eats

8.  The party was a disaster. There ..... there!
A. wasn’t nobody
B. was anybody
C. was nobody
D. was somebody

9.  ..... sugar for my coffee!
A. There aren't any
B. There is any
C. There isn’t no
D. There isn't any

10.  Every year,he goes to the coast for his holidays ....
A. in train
B. on train
C. by train
D. with train

11.  There is .......... of beer left from the party
A. little
B. much
C. a lot
D. too

A. Arrives Philip late never.
B. Late,Philip never arrives
C. Philip arrives late never
D. Philip never arrives late.

13.  ..... orange juice in the fridge.
A. There isn’t no
B. There is any
C. There isn’t any
D. There aren’t no

14.  He goes to work.....
A. by taxi
B. on taxi
C. with taxi
D. in taxi

15.  We haven’t got ..... mineral water.
A. a lot
B. little
C. too
D. much

16.  John is the manager, you need to speak to …..
A. it
B. him
C. her
D. them

17.  The room was empty. There ..... there.
A. wasn’t nobody
B. was anybody
C. was nobody
D. was somebody

18.  She arrived ..... Victoria Station half an hour late.
A. in
B. at
C. on
D. by

19.  There ..... hooligans at the match, for a change.
A. were no
B. weren't no
C. were any
D. were not

20.  The door can’t be broken! he .....
A. is just fixed it.
B. have just fixed it.
C. just fix it.
D. has just fixed it.

21.  Don’t start ..... That's for babies!
A. to crying!
B. crying!
C. cry!
D. in crying!

22.  She can't escape the fire There is ..... time!
A.  much few.
B. too much little
C. too little.
D. too few.

23.  I'm really looking forward ..... this exercise
A. to finish
B. finishing
C. finish
D. to finishing

24.  Have you made supper ..… ?
A. already
B. still
C. now
D. yet

25.  Have you phoned the restaurant about the booking? Yes, I’ve …..done that.
A. still
B. already
C. yet
D. now

26.  “.....have they been living in Paris?” “Only a few months”
A. How long
B. How long time
C. What time
D. For how long

27.  They weren’t invited to the party, and nor .... I.
A. weren’t
B. was
C. were
D. wasn't

28.  We can’t get there by 3.00pm . There is ..... time.
A. few.
B. too little
C. too much little.
D. too few.

29.  He’s looking forward ..... that film.
A. to see
B. seeing
C. see
D. to seeing

30.  Don’t start .....
A. to shouting!
B. shouting!
C. shout!
D. in shouting!

31.  Haven't you seen that film ......... ?
A. already
B. still
C. now
D. yet

32.  Have you sent that fax to Mr. Smyth? Yes, I’ve …..done that.
A. still
B. already
C. yet
D. now

33.  They weren’t surprised and nor .... I.
A. weren’t
B. wasn't
C. were
D. was

34.  I went to the cinema in the afternoon, before that I ……. lunch.
A. had already got
B. had already had
C. have already had
D. already had

35.  I'm catching an early flight tomorrow, so I....drink too much champagne!
A. needn't
B. haven’t
C. mustn't
D. have had to

36.  The good looking man ..... by the door is my boyfriend.
A. whose
B. standing
C. is standing
D. stands

37.  You don't look very well. Maybe you ..... see a doctor.
A. need
B. have
C. should have
D. ought to

38.  I'll never forget..... Rosa win the Eurovision
A. see
B. to see
C. seeing
D. seen

39.  I thought you .....
A. will going to help me.
B. were going to help me.
C. go to help me.
D. have go to help me.

40.  The letter ..... yesterday, but I don't know for sure.
A. may arrive
B. might arrived
C. should arrive
D. may have arrived

41.  We ..... better study more if we want to pass the exam
A. would
B. should
C. had
D. ought

42.  "I'm just going out for an ice cream - .............get one for you too?'' “That would be nice of you!”
A. Do I
B. Shall I
C. Will I
D. Do I have

43.  How long have you worked here? I don't remember......you before.
A. did meet
B. meeting
C. to meeting
D. to meet

44.  That was a horrible thing to say. I think you ........ apologise
A. need
B. have
C. should have
D. ought to

45.  I thought you .....
A. were going to have lunch with us.
B. go to have lunch with us
C. will to have lunch with us.
D. have gone to have lunch with us.

46.  This is the cat ..... I saw.
A. whom
B. _____
C. what
D. who

47.  I have to catch the 5.00am train tomorrow, so I ..... go to bed early.
A. needn't
B. haven’t
C. have to
D. have had to

48.  I wouldn’t mind ..... tonight.
A. to go out
B. go out
C. going out
D. to going out

49.  The man ..... in the corner is my boss.
A. whose
B. sitting
C. is sitting
D. sits

50.  Where have you put my keys? I clearly remember ..... them on the table last night.
A. to leave
B. left
C. did leave
D. leaving

51.  That was a great match. I’ll never forget ..... Revaldo score that goal.
A. see
B. to see
C. seeing
D. seen

52.  As I didn't have time to do my hair myself, I.......at the hairdresser's
A. had it done
B. had it did
C. did it did
D. had done it

53.  He wrote the programme …… , .He really is very clever.
A. by his own
B. on his own
C. on himself
D. by his ownership

54.  …..in telling me these lies, because you know I don't believe you.
A. There is no use
B. It is no point
C. It is no use
D. It is usefulness

55.  What an amazing holiday! We should have done this...
A. years back
B. for years
C. since years
D. in years

56.  By this time tomorrow I ….. my tooth out, and no more pain!.
A. will have
B. will have had
C. are having
D. will had had

57.  Not speaking to anyone.... ,but shouldn't we clean the house?
A. especially
B. specially
C. in particular
D. himself

58.  If I ....... going to enter the competition, I would have done by now.
A. am
B. were
C. would be
D. would been

59.  Do you like my dress? I ........especially for the wedding.
A. had it done
B. made it did
C. had it made
D. made it had

60.  My mother was expecting me on Friday, but.... I was arriving on Thursday
A. little did she know
B. little known
C. little he knew
D. little knowing

61.  She....................very beautiful, because everybody said so.
A. should have been
B. must have been
C. was to be
D. should be

62.  Did you really do it ........or did someone help you?
A. by your own
B. on yourself
C. on your own
D. by your ownership

63.  By this time next month we.........to the new house. How exciting!
A. will move
B. will have moved
C. are moving
D. will had moved

A. Ask her when will be ready the food.
B. Ask her when will be the food ready.
C. Ask her when the food will be ready.
D. Ask her when will the food ready be.

65.  I couldn’t mend the PC myself, so I ..... at a shop.
A. had it mended
B. had it mend
C. did it mend
D. had mended

66.  I wish I ..... a car, I’m tired of catching the bus.
A. have
B. would have
C. had
D. had had

A. That’s a brown, attractive leather coat.
B. That’s a brown leather coat attractive.
C. That’s an attractive leather brown coat.
D. That’s an attractive brown leather coat.

68.  If you’d come to the theatre last night, you ..... the play.
A. would enjoy
B. had enjoyed
C. would have enjoyed
D. will enjoy


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