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Level Test (with answers)

Please choose one option for each question.
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1.  I haven't got ……
A. no brothers or sisters
B. brothers or sisters
C. any brothers or sisters
D. some brothers and sisters

A. Always he arrives at 2:30
B. He arrives at always 2:30
C. He always arrives at 2:30
D. He always at 2:30 arrives

3.  We haven’t got ..... Champagne
A. a lot
B. little
C. too
D. much

A. Where playing Real Madrid?
B. Where is playing Real Madrid?
C. Where is Real Madrid playing?
D. Where playing is Real Madrid?

5.  George..... fly to Stockholm tomorrow.
A. to going
B. goes to
C. is going to
D. go to

6.  I have Flamenco classes ……
A. on Saturday afternoons
B. in Saturday afternoons
C. at Saturday afternoons
D. by Saturday afternoons

A. Give the Sarah book
B. Give the book to Sarah.
C. Give to Sarah the book.
D. Give the book at Sarah.

8.  ..... sugar for my coffee!
A. There aren't any
B. There is any
C. There isn’t no
D. There isn't any

9.  That file belongs to Patricia, give it to
A. it
B. him
C. her
D. them

10.  They …….. time for lunch
A. hadn’t
B. didn't have
C. didn’t have got
D. had not

A. Pass the salt to Tom
B. Pass the Tom a salt.
C. Pass the salt at Tom
D. Pass to Tom the salt.

A. Arrives Philip late never.
B. Late,Philip never arrives
C. Philip arrives late never
D. Philip never arrives late.

A. What’s like the weather?
B. How’s the weather?
C. What’s the weather like?
D. How the weather is?

14.  I have class ……
A. on Mondays
B. in Mondays
C. at Mondays
D. by Mondays

15.  John is the manager, you need to speak to …..
A. it
B. him
C. her
D. them

16.  I wanted a purple bike but they only had .....
A. a one green
B. one green.
C. a green one.
D. a green

A. Give the Joan money
B. Give the money to Joan.
C. Give to Joan the money.
D. Give the money at Joan

18.  The door can’t be broken! he .....
A. is just fixed it.
B. have just fixed it.
C. just fix it.
D. has just fixed it.

19.  We're really looking forward ..... on holiday.
A. to go
B. going
C. go
D. to going

20.  He works for the Bank, .....?
A. doesn’t he?
B. does he?
C. isn’t he?
D. didn’t he?

21.  Tom is ..... Elizabeth how to copy it right now.
A. telling
B. saying
C. saying to
D. telling to

22.  “..... have you been going out with him?” “Only a few months”
A. How long
B. How long time
C. What time
D. For how long

23.  On a windy morning, I arrived ....Chicago Airport.
A. in
B. on
C. at
D. by

24.  I'm really looking forward ..... this exercise
A. to finish
B. finishing
C. finish
D. to finishing

25.  You live upstairs from me,..........
A. do you?
B. are you?
C. don't you?
D. didn’t you?

A. I told him that he come home at once .
B. I told he come home at once.
C. I told him to come home at once..
D. I itold,'come home at once!'

27.  If I didn't have to work, I …….. the beach.
A. will move to
B. have moved to
C. would move to
D. would have moved to

28.  My friends asked me to go to the cinema, But I said that I …the movie.
A. had already been
B. had already saw
C. had already seen
D. already saw

29.  I haven’t had lunch with my mother ..... a year ago.
A. since
B. ______
C. for
D. during

30.  The kitchen can’t be dirty he .....
A. is just clean it.
B. have just cleaned it.
C. just clean it.
D. has just cleaned it.

31.  He’s looking forward ..... that film.
A. to see
B. seeing
C. see
D. to seeing

A. I told her what she closed the window.
B. I told her to close the window.
C. I told she close the window.
D. I told her that she close the window.

33.  Haven't you seen that film ......... ?
A. already
B. still
C. now
D. yet

34.  Have you sent that fax to Mr. Smyth? Yes, I’ve …..done that.
A. still
B. already
C. yet
D. now

35.  If you are in Madrid, you can come and visit me ..... you like.
A. whenever
B. soon
C. always
D. whatever

36.  I .....getting up early.I do it every day.
A. used to
B. used
C. am used to
D. would

37.  I'm catching an early flight tomorrow, so I....drink too much champagne!
A. needn't
B. haven’t
C. mustn't
D. have had to

38.  The letter ..... yesterday, but I don't know for sure.
A. may arrive
B. might arrived
C. should arrive
D. may have arrived

39.  We ..... better study more if we want to pass the exam
A. would
B. should
C. had
D. ought

40.  If you get bored, call me ..... you like, and we can go for a drink.
A. whenever
B. soon
C. always
D. whatever

41.  In the beginning the street was noisy, but now I............it
A. used to
B. used
C. am used to
D. would

42.  Thanks for remembering my birthday, but you........bought me a present.
A. shouldn't have
B. haven’t
C. mustn't
D. have had to

43.  After his girlfriend left him, his boss was the .......of his worries
A. less
B. least
C. fewer
D. last

44.  I'll never stop.....you
A. love
B. to love
C. loving
D. loved

45.  I thought you .....
A. were going to have lunch with us.
B. go to have lunch with us
C. will to have lunch with us.
D. have gone to have lunch with us.

46.  I can't say for sure, but I think she......back to Mexico.
A. may gone
B. might gone
C. should to go
D. may have gone

47.  ..... is it from Barcelona to Madrid?
A. How far
B. How long
C. How much distance
D. How many

48.  You can meet me ..... you like.
A. whenever
B. soon
C. always
D. whatever

49.  I have to catch the 5.00am train tomorrow, so I ..... go to bed early.
A. needn't
B. haven’t
C. have to
D. have had to

50.  You look tired. You ..... go to bed.
A. need
B. have
C. should have
D. ought to

51.  I thought you .....
A. will come to the party.
B. were coming to the party.
C. come to the party.
D. have come to the party.

52.  ….that I knew what he was up to.
A. Little did he know
B. Little known
C. Little he knew
D. Little knowing

53.  It's a pity you didn't come to the Exhibition. You .... It.
A. would like
B. had liked
C. would have liked
D. will like

54.  I'm sorry for his bad behavior. He ......have apologised
A. must
B. may
C. would
D. should

55.  He wrote the programme …… , .He really is very clever.
A. by his own
B. on his own
C. on himself
D. by his ownership

56.  What an amazing holiday! We should have done this...
A. years back
B. for years
C. since years
D. in years

57.  By this time tomorrow I ….. my tooth out, and no more pain!.
A. will have
B. will have had
C. are having
D. will had had

58.  Although it was very late, she..... book two tickets to Greece
A. should
B. can
C. was able to
D. would can

59.  If I ....... going to enter the competition, I would have done by now.
A. am
B. were
C. would be
D. would been

60.  Do you like my dress? I ........especially for the wedding.
A. had it done
B. made it did
C. had it made
D. made it had

61.  My mother was expecting me on Friday, but.... I was arriving on Thursday
A. little did she know
B. little known
C. little he knew
D. little knowing

62.  What a shame you didn't meet James. You ...........him.
A. would like
B. had liked
C. would have liked
D. will like

63.  If I ..... you, I’d take the risk.
A. am
B. have been
C. were
D. would be

64.  He drove so fast …….. a mad man.
A. as if
B. as if he were
C. like
D. as

65.  ….. but I realised what he had done
A. Little did he know
B. Little known
C. Little he knew
D. Little knowing

66.  I know he didn’t thank you, but he ..... have done so.
A. must
B. may
C. would
D. should

67.  Let’s go to the theatre, ……
A. don’t we?
B. let us?
C. shall we?
D. will we?

68.  “We’ll never be able to do it” said the man to nobody ……
A. especially
B. specially
C. in particular
D. himself


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