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Level Test (with answers)

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1.  ..... Caviar in the fridge.
A. There isnít no
B. There is any
C. There isnít any
D. There arenít no

2.  He goes to his guitar lessons....
A. by underground
B. on underground
C. with underground
D. in underground

A. Where playing Real Madrid?
B. Where is playing Real Madrid?
C. Where is Real Madrid playing?
D. Where playing is Real Madrid?

A. Whatís like Paris?
B. Howís Paris?
C. Whatís Paris like?
D. How Paris is?

A. Give the Sarah book
B. Give the book to Sarah.
C. Give to Sarah the book.
D. Give the book at Sarah.

6.  We have to go to the supermarket ..... some bread and milk.
A.  for getting
B. to get
C. to getting
D. for to get

7.  Iíve lost my passport. I canít find it .....
A. anywhere.
B. nowhere.
C. everywhere.
D. somewhere.

8.  Have you...?
A. got any friends in Barcelona
B. not got no friends in Barcelona
C. in Barcelona any friends
D. friends in Barcelona got

9.  ..... sugar for my coffee!
A. There aren't any
B. There is any
C. There isnít no
D. There isn't any

A. What like his brother?
B. How his brother is?
C. How's his brother?
D. What's his brother like?

11.  Which pen do you want?
A. A one blue
B. One blue
D. The blue one.

12.  They ÖÖ.. time for lunch
A. hadnít
B. didn't have
C. didnít have got
D. had not

A. Whatís like the weather?
B. Howís the weather?
C. Whatís the weather like?
D. How the weather is?

14.  Mark ..... fly to London tomorrow.
A. to going
B. goes to
C. is going to
D. go to

15.  John is the manager, you need to speak to Ö..
A. it
B. him
C. her
D. them

16.  He ÖÖ.. breakfast yesterday
A. hadnít
B. no had
C. didnít have got
D. didnít have

17.  Iíve lost my keys. I canít find them .....
A. anywhere.
B. nowhere.
C. everywhere.
D. somewhere.

18.  There ..... hooligans at the match, for a change.
A. were no
B. weren't no
C. were any
D. were not

A. I told her what she finished the exercise .
B. I told her to finish the exercise.
C. I told she finish the exercise.
D. I told her that she finish the exercise.

20.  Have you finished the shopping ..Ö ?
A. already
B. still
C. now
D. yet

21.  She can't escape the fire There is ..... time!
A.  much few.
B. too much little
C. too little.
D. too few.

22.  We've been living in the new house...just over a year ago.
A. at
B. ______
C. for
D. since

23.  Tom ..... Elizabeth to go to the hospital
A. told
B. said
C. saying to
D. telling to

24.  They werenít invited to the party, and nor .... I.
A. werenít
B. was
C. were
D. wasn't

25.  He arrived ..... Heathrow airport on Friday morning.
A. in
B. at
C. on
D. by

26.  I havenít had lunch with my mother ..... a year ago.
A. since
B. ______
C. for
D. during

27.  There ..... spectators at the match.
A. were no
B. weren't no
C. were any
D. were not

28.  The kitchen canít be dirty he .....
A. is just clean it.
B. have just cleaned it.
C. just clean it.
D. has just cleaned it.

29.  Donít start .....
A. to shouting!
B. shouting!
C. shout!
D. in shouting!

30.  He works at the theatre, .....?
A. doesnít he?
B. does he?
C. isnít he?
D. didnít he?

31.  Simon ..... in Madrid since 1982.
A. lives
B. is living
C. does live
D. has lived

A. I told her what she closed the window.
B. I told her to close the window.
C. I told she close the window.
D. I told her that she close the window.

33.  If I won the lottery, I ÖÖ.. a house in the country.
A. will buy
B. have bought
C. would buy
D. would have bought

34.  They werenít surprised and nor .... I.
A. werenít
B. wasn't
C. were
D. was

35.  I .....getting up early.I do it every day.
A. used to
B. used
C. am used to
D. would

36.  He ..... go to see the accountant this morning .
A. must
B. had to
C. ought to
D. must to

37.  His wedding is the Ö.. of my problems! What about my car bills? .
A. fewer
B. less
C. last
D. least

38.  I wouldnít mind .....the baby tonight.
A. to look after
B. look after
C. looking after
D. to looking after

39.  "Those shopping bags look really heavy. ......carry one for you?''    óďThatís very kind of you!Ē
A. Will I
B. Do I have
C. Shall I
D. Do I

40.  You don't look very well. Maybe you ..... see a doctor.
A. need
B. have
C. should have
D. ought to

41.  I'll never forget..... Rosa win the Eurovision
A. see
B. to see
C. seeing
D. seen

42.  If you get bored, call me ..... you like, and we can go for a drink.
A. whenever
B. soon
C. always
D. whatever

43.  After his girlfriend left him, his boss was the .......of his worries
A. less
B. least
C. fewer
D. last

44.  The woman.... by the table is his sister, not his mother.
A. whose
B. is standing
C.  standing
D. stands

45.  How long have you worked here? I don't remember......you before.
A. did meet
B. meeting
C. to meeting
D. to meet

46.  I can't say for sure, but I think she......back to Mexico.
A. may gone
B. might gone
C. should to go
D. may have gone

47.  You guys ..... better get a move on if you don't want to miss the film.
A. ought
B. had
C. have
D. would

48.  This is the cat ..... I saw.
A. whom
B. _____
C. what
D. who

49.  Thatís the Ö.. of my worries, itíll never happen.
A. fewer
B. less
C. last
D. least

50.  "Those cases look heavy" ď..... carry one for you?Ē ďThatís very nice of youĒ
A. Will I
B. Do I have
C. Shall I
D. Do I

51.  We ..... better hurry up or weíll be late.
A. would
B. should
C. had
D. ought

52.  It was really difficult, but eventually he ..... get tickets for the match
A. was able to
B. can
C. could
D. would can

53.  Ö.that I knew what he was up to.
A. Little did he know
B. Little known
C. Little he knew
D. Little knowing

54.  I think the joke........very funny, because you're laughing a lot.
A. should have been
B. must have been
C. was to be
D. should be

55.  Not speaking to anyone.... ,but shouldn't we clean the house?
A. especially
B. specially
C. in particular
D. himself

56.  If I ....... going to enter the competition, I would have done by now.
A. am
B. were
C. would be
D. would been

57.  David walked by us ....... he didn't know us!
A. like
B. as if he were
C. as if
D. as

58.  What a shame you didn't meet James. You ...........him.
A. would like
B. had liked
C. would have liked
D. will like

59.  Did you really do it ........or did someone help you?
A. by your own
B. on yourself
C. on your own
D. by your ownership

60.  Letís go for a walk in the mountains, ÖÖ
A. donít we?
B. let us?
C. shall we?
D. will we?

61.  By this time next month we.........to the new house. How exciting!
A. will move
B. will have moved
C. are moving
D. will had moved

A. Ask her when will be ready the food.
B. Ask her when will be the food ready.
C. Ask her when the food will be ready.
D. Ask her when will the food ready be.

63.  I wish I ..... a car, Iím tired of catching the bus.
A. have
B. would have
C. had
D. had had

A. Thatís a brown, attractive leather coat.
B. Thatís a brown leather coat attractive.
C. Thatís an attractive leather brown coat.
D. Thatís an attractive brown leather coat.

65.  He wrote the programme ÖÖ , he didnít need anybody's help
A. by his own
B. on his own
C. on himself
D. by his ownership

66.  Ö.. waiting any longer. They are clearly not coming.
A. There is no use
B. It is no point
C. It is no use
D. It is usefulness

67.  If only I had had the courage to do this ÖÖ
A. years ago
B. for years
C. since years
D. in years

68.  Letís go to the theatre, ÖÖ
A. donít we?
B. let us?
C. shall we?
D. will we?


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