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Level Test (with answers)

Please choose one option for each question.
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1.  I haven't got ……
A. no brothers or sisters
B. brothers or sisters
C. any brothers or sisters
D. some brothers and sisters

2.  ..... Caviar in the fridge.
A. There isn’t no
B. There is any
C. There isn’t any
D. There aren’t no

3.  He goes to his guitar lessons....
A. by underground
B. on underground
C. with underground
D. in underground

4.  We haven’t got ..... Champagne
A. a lot
B. little
C. too
D. much

5.  George..... fly to Stockholm tomorrow.
A. to going
B. goes to
C. is going to
D. go to

6.  David is the boss, you need to speak to …..
A. it
B. him
C. her
D. them

A. Mark usually eats fast.
B. Mark fast eats usually
C. Mark fast usually eats.
D. Mark usually fast eats

8.  We have to go to the supermarket ..... some bread and milk.
A.  for getting
B. to get
C. to getting
D. for to get

9.  The party was a disaster. There ..... there!
A. wasn’t nobody
B. was anybody
C. was nobody
D. was somebody

10.  I’ve lost my passport. I can’t find it .....
A. anywhere.
B. nowhere.
C. everywhere.
D. somewhere.

11.  Michael.........Paris in the morning
A. to leaving
B. leaves for
C. is leaving for
D. leave to

12.  She has her German classes ……
A. in Tuesday mornings
B. at Tuesday mornings
C. by Tuesday mornings
D. on Tuesday mornings

13.  Which pen do you want?
A. A one blue
B. One blue
D. The blue one.

A. Arrives Philip late never.
B. Late,Philip never arrives
C. Philip arrives late never
D. Philip never arrives late.

15.  I haven’t got ……
A. no money
B. money
C. any money
D. some money

A. What’s like the weather?
B. How’s the weather?
C. What’s the weather like?
D. How the weather is?

17.  I have class ……
A. on Mondays
B. in Mondays
C. at Mondays
D. by Mondays

18.  She arrived ..... Victoria Station half an hour late.
A. in
B. at
C. on
D. by

19.  I haven’t seen your cousin .....over a year ago.
A. since
B. ______
C. for
D. during

20.  There ..... hooligans at the match, for a change.
A. were no
B. weren't no
C. were any
D. were not

21.  They weren’t happy about the new cat, and frankly, nor .... I.
A. weren’t
B. wasn't
C. were
D. was

22.  We've been living in the new house...just over a year ago.
A. at
B. ______
C. for
D. since

23.  We were surprised that there ..... queues outside the cinema
A. were any
B. weren't no
C. were no
D. were not

24.  Don’t start ..... to me about it.You know I don't care.
A. to complaining
B. complaining
C. complain
D. in complain

25.  Micheal ....for the Bank since last year.
A. did work
B. has worked
C. does work
D. works

26.  Tom ..... Elizabeth to go to the hospital
A. told
B. said
C. saying to
D. telling to

27.  Have you phoned the restaurant about the booking? Yes, I’ve …..done that.
A. still
B. already
C. yet
D. now

28.  “.....have they been living in Paris?” “Only a few months”
A. How long
B. How long time
C. What time
D. For how long

29.  They weren’t invited to the party, and nor .... I.
A. weren’t
B. was
C. were
D. wasn't

30.  My friends asked me to go to the cinema, But I said that I …the movie.
A. had already been
B. had already saw
C. had already seen
D. already saw

31.  Simon ..... in Madrid since 1982.
A. lives
B. is living
C. does live
D. has lived

A. I told her what she closed the window.
B. I told her to close the window.
C. I told she close the window.
D. I told her that she close the window.

33.  Haven't you seen that film ......... ?
A. already
B. still
C. now
D. yet

34.  If I won the lottery, I …….. a house in the country.
A. will buy
B. have bought
C. would buy
D. would have bought

35.  ..... is it from Dublin to Barcelona?
A. How far
B. How long
C. How much distance
D. How many

36.  I .....getting up early.I do it every day.
A. used to
B. used
C. am used to
D. would

37.  I'm catching an early flight tomorrow, so I....drink too much champagne!
A. needn't
B. haven’t
C. mustn't
D. have had to

38.  His wedding is the ….. of my problems! What about my car bills? .
A. fewer
B. less
C. last
D. least

39.  The good looking man ..... by the door is my boyfriend.
A. whose
B. standing
C. is standing
D. stands

40.  What have I done with my wallet? I don't remember.......it anywhere last night.
A. to see
B. saw
C. did see
D. seeing

41.  I thought you .....
A. will going to help me.
B. were going to help me.
C. go to help me.
D. have go to help me.

42.  In the beginning the street was noisy, but now I............it
A. used to
B. used
C. am used to
D. would

43.  You guys ..... better get a move on if you don't want to miss the film.
A. ought
B. had
C. have
D. would

44.  ..... is it from Barcelona to Madrid?
A. How far
B. How long
C. How much distance
D. How many

45.  You can meet me ..... you like.
A. whenever
B. soon
C. always
D. whatever

46.  I ..... working at night nowadays.
A. used to
B. used
C. am used to
D. would

47.  I have to catch the 5.00am train tomorrow, so I ..... go to bed early.
A. needn't
B. haven’t
C. have to
D. have had to

48.  That’s the ….. of my worries, it’ll never happen.
A. fewer
B. less
C. last
D. least

49.  The man ..... in the corner is my boss.
A. whose
B. sitting
C. is sitting
D. sits

50.  You look tired. You ..... go to bed.
A. need
B. have
C. should have
D. ought to

51.  We ..... better hurry up or we’ll be late.
A. would
B. should
C. had
D. ought

52.  As I didn't have time to do my hair myself, I.......at the hairdresser's
A. had it done
B. had it did
C. did it did
D. had done it

53.  ….that I knew what he was up to.
A. Little did he know
B. Little known
C. Little he knew
D. Little knowing

54.  It's a pity you didn't come to the Exhibition. You .... It.
A. would like
B. had liked
C. would have liked
D. will like

55.  Not speaking to anyone.... ,but shouldn't we clean the house?
A. especially
B. specially
C. in particular
D. himself

56.  David walked by us ....... he didn't know us!
A. like
B. as if he were
C. as if
D. as

57.  My mother was expecting me on Friday, but.... I was arriving on Thursday
A. little did she know
B. little known
C. little he knew
D. little knowing

58.  What a shame you didn't meet James. You ...........him.
A. would like
B. had liked
C. would have liked
D. will like

59.  She....................very beautiful, because everybody said so.
A. should have been
B. must have been
C. was to be
D. should be

60.  It would be lovely to go to Japan, but.................thinking we can
A. There is no use
B. It is no point
C. It is no use
D. It is usefulness

61.  It was so nice seeing Simon again! We should have called him...
A. months back
B. for months
C. since months
D. in months

62.  Let’s go for a walk in the mountains, ……
A. don’t we?
B. let us?
C. shall we?
D. will we?

63.  By this time next month we.........to the new house. How exciting!
A. will move
B. will have moved
C. are moving
D. will had moved

A. Ask her when will be ready the food.
B. Ask her when will be the food ready.
C. Ask her when the food will be ready.
D. Ask her when will the food ready be.

A. That’s a brown, attractive leather coat.
B. That’s a brown leather coat attractive.
C. That’s an attractive leather brown coat.
D. That’s an attractive brown leather coat.

66.  ….. but I realised what he had done
A. Little did he know
B. Little known
C. Little he knew
D. Little knowing

67.  Let’s go to the theatre, ……
A. don’t we?
B. let us?
C. shall we?
D. will we?

68.  “We’ll never be able to do it” said the man to nobody ……
A. especially
B. specially
C. in particular
D. himself


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