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Level Test (with answers)

Please choose one option for each question.
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1.  ..... Caviar in the fridge.
A. There isnít no
B. There is any
C. There isnít any
D. There arenít no

2.  She ÖÖ.. Supper with us last Friday
A. hadnít
B. no had
C. didnít have got
D. didnít have

3.  Iíve lost my passport. I canít find it .....
A. anywhere.
B. nowhere.
C. everywhere.
D. somewhere.

4.  ..... sugar for my coffee!
A. There aren't any
B. There is any
C. There isnít no
D. There isn't any

5.  Every year,he goes to the coast for his holidays ....
A. in train
B. on train
C. by train
D. with train

6.  Michael.........Paris in the morning
A. to leaving
B. leaves for
C. is leaving for
D. leave to

7.  She has her German classes ÖÖ
A. in Tuesday mornings
B. at Tuesday mornings
C. by Tuesday mornings
D. on Tuesday mornings

A. Arrives Philip late never.
B. Late,Philip never arrives
C. Philip arrives late never
D. Philip never arrives late.

9.  Suddenly, we heard a loud noise, but outside, there ........there!
A. was nobody
B. is anybody
C. wasn't nobody
D. was somebody

10.  I havenít got ÖÖ
A. no money
B. money
C. any money
D. some money

11.  ..... orange juice in the fridge.
A. There isnít no
B. There is any
C. There isnít any
D. There arenít no

A. Where playing Manchester United?
B. Where is playing Manchester United?
C. Where is Manchester United playing?
D. Where playing is Manchester United?

13.  He ÖÖ.. breakfast yesterday
A. hadnít
B. no had
C. didnít have got
D. didnít have

A. Mary usually drives carefully
B. Mary carefully drives usually
C. Mary carefully usually drives
D. Mary usually carefully drives

15.  I have to go to the bank ..... some money.
A.  for getting
B. to get
C. to getting
D. for to get

16.  The room was empty. There ..... there.
A. wasnít nobody
B. was anybody
C. was nobody
D. was somebody

17.  Iíve lost my keys. I canít find them .....
A. anywhere.
B. nowhere.
C. everywhere.
D. somewhere.

18.  She arrived ..... Victoria Station half an hour late.
A. in
B. at
C. on
D. by

19.  Tom is ..... Elizabeth how to copy it right now.
A. telling
B. saying
C. saying to
D. telling to

20.  Have you sent that e-mail to Mr. O'Neill? Yes, Iíve Ö..done that.
A. still
B. already
C. yet
D. now

21.  ď..... have you been going out with him?Ē ďOnly a few monthsĒ
A. How long
B. How long time
C. What time
D. For how long

22.  She can't escape the fire There is ..... time!
A.  much few.
B. too much little
C. too little.
D. too few.

23.  We've been living in the new house...just over a year ago.
A. at
B. ______
C. for
D. since

24.  Donít start ..... to me about it.You know I don't care.
A. to complaining
B. complaining
C. complain
D. in complain

25.  Micheal ....for the Bank since last year.
A. did work
B. has worked
C. does work
D. works

A. I told him that he come home at once .
B. I told he come home at once.
C. I told him to come home at once..
D. I itold,'come home at once!'

27.  Have you made supper ..Ö ?
A. already
B. still
C. now
D. yet

28.  Tom ..... Elizabeth to go to the hospital
A. told
B. said
C. saying to
D. telling to

29.  There ..... spectators at the match.
A. were no
B. weren't no
C. were any
D. were not

30.  The kitchen canít be dirty he .....
A. is just clean it.
B. have just cleaned it.
C. just clean it.
D. has just cleaned it.

31.  Donít start .....
A. to shouting!
B. shouting!
C. shout!
D. in shouting!

32.  Simon ..... in Madrid since 1982.
A. lives
B. is living
C. does live
D. has lived

33.  If I won the lottery, I ÖÖ.. a house in the country.
A. will buy
B. have bought
C. would buy
D. would have bought

34.  Have you sent that fax to Mr. Smyth? Yes, Iíve Ö..done that.
A. still
B. already
C. yet
D. now

35.  I wouldnít mind .....the baby tonight.
A. to look after
B. look after
C. looking after
D. to looking after

36.  Donít forget ..... the rubbish.
A. to put out
B. putting out
C. to putting out
D. put out

37.  I'll never forget..... Rosa win the Eurovision
A. see
B. to see
C. seeing
D. seen

38.  I wouldnít mind ..... an early night, tonight...I'm exhausted!
A. to have
B. have
C. having
D. to having

39.  "I'm just going out for an ice cream - .............get one for you too?'' ďThat would be nice of you!Ē
A. Do I
B. Shall I
C. Will I
D. Do I have

40.  That was a horrible thing to say. I think you ........ apologise
A. need
B. have
C. should have
D. ought to

41.  You guys ..... better get a move on if you don't want to miss the film.
A. ought
B. had
C. have
D. would

42.  This is the cat ..... I saw.
A. whom
B. _____
C. what
D. who

43.  ..... is it from Barcelona to Madrid?
A. How far
B. How long
C. How much distance
D. How many

44.  I have to catch the 5.00am train tomorrow, so I ..... go to bed early.
A. needn't
B. havenít
C. have to
D. have had to

45.  She ..... go to the dentistís yesterday.
A. must
B. had to
C. ought to
D. must to

46.  Thatís the Ö.. of my worries, itíll never happen.
A. fewer
B. less
C. last
D. least

47.  You look tired. You ..... go to bed.
A. need
B. have
C. should have
D. ought to

48.  That was a great match. Iíll never forget ..... Revaldo score that goal.
A. see
B. to see
C. seeing
D. seen

49.  I thought you .....
A. will come to the party.
B. were coming to the party.
C. come to the party.
D. have come to the party.

50.  They ..... last night, but Iím not sure.
A. may come
B. might come
C. should come
D. may have come

51.  We ..... better hurry up or weíll be late.
A. would
B. should
C. had
D. ought

A. Ask your mother when will be ready lunch.
B. Ask your mother when will be lunch ready.
C. Ask your mother when lunch will be ready.
D. Ask your mother when will lunch ready be.

53.  I wish I ..... a million dollars, I'm tired of being poor.
A. have
B. would have
C. had
D. had had

54.  He was spending money ÖÖ.. rich !
A. as if
B. as if he were
C. like
D. as

55.  It's a pity you didn't come to the Exhibition. You .... It.
A. would like
B. had liked
C. would have liked
D. will like

56.  Ö..in telling me these lies, because you know I don't believe you.
A. There is no use
B. It is no point
C. It is no use
D. It is usefulness

57.  Although it was very late, she..... book two tickets to Greece
A. should
B. can
C. was able to
D. would can

A. The bride wore a dark cream velvet dress.
B. The bride wore a dark dress in cream velvet.
C. The bride wore a cream dark velvet dress.
D. The bride wore a dark velvet cream dress.

59.  Your cough is terrible! You .......quit smoking.
A. mustn't
B. should
C. would
D. may

60.  It was so nice seeing Simon again! We should have called him...
A. months back
B. for months
C. since months
D. in months

61.  Letís go for a walk in the mountains, ÖÖ
A. donít we?
B. let us?
C. shall we?
D. will we?

62.  I wish I ..... a car, Iím tired of catching the bus.
A. have
B. would have
C. had
D. had had

63.  Ö.. but I realised what he had done
A. Little did he know
B. Little known
C. Little he knew
D. Little knowing

64.  If youíd come to the theatre last night, you ..... the play.
A. would enjoy
B. had enjoyed
C. would have enjoyed
D. will enjoy

65.  They laughed a lot last night. The film ..... very funny.
A. should have been
B. must have been
C. was to be
D. should be

66.  Ö.. waiting any longer. They are clearly not coming.
A. There is no use
B. It is no point
C. It is no use
D. It is usefulness

67.  If only I had had the courage to do this ÖÖ
A. years ago
B. for years
C. since years
D. in years

68.  Letís go to the theatre, ÖÖ
A. donít we?
B. let us?
C. shall we?
D. will we?


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