Level Test - Beginner (A1) - old version

To test your progress at this level answer all questions, then click 'Test Result' for on-line corrections.

1. Do you live in Madrid?

 A. Yes, I live
 B. Yes, I do
 C. Yes, I am
 D. Yes, I does

2. How old are you?

 A. I have 21 years old
 B. I am 21 years old
 C. No, I'm not
 D. I have 21 years

3. Do you have a sister?

 A. No, I haven't
 B. No, I don't
 C. No, I doesn't
 D. No, I don't have

 A. Where are they of?
 B. Where is they from?
 C. Where are they from?
 D. Where are you from?
- They are from Belgium

 A. What's her job?
 B. What's she job?
 C. What's his job?
 D. What do she job?
- She's a teacher

 A. Do you live in a house or a flat?
 B. Does you live in a house or a flat?
 C. Are you live in a house or a flat?
 D. Live you in a house or a flat?
- In a flat

Which word is different from the others?
7.   shop assistant    bus driver cousin    fireman
8.   sister    mother    wife    husband   
9.   live    like    have    those   
10. three    eight    twenty-five    umbrella   
11. clock    station clock    watch    time   

Rewrite these sentences for he
Example:   I like playing football
                   He likes playing football

12. I don't like playing squash    
13. I often go to the cinema    
14. I sometimes go to the theatre    
15. I don't go to work on Saturday    

Change these sentences to negative
Example:   We live in Madrid
                    We don't live in Madrid

16. I like cheese    
17. We are married    
18. She has an old house    
19. I am from France    
20. He plays tennis on Saturdays    

21 - 30. Complete these sentences with the
               correct preposition in, at , from, to, on

George and Mary are    England. They live    London,    an old house. They go    work by bus. They work    09.00am.    02.00pm. They don't work    the afternoons and often stay    home then.    Saturdays they often visit friends or play tennis    the local club.


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