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Level Test A1

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1. Where do you live?
A. I am live in London.
B. My live is London.
C. I live in London.
D. I lives in London.

A. He has two brothers.
B. I has two brothers.
C. He got two brothers.
D. He two brothers.

A. They is Italian.
B. They is Italy.
C. They are Italian.
D. They Italian.

A. My name is Margaret.
B. My name are Margaret.
C. Margaret are my name.
D. Margaret be my name.

5. Are you German?
A. No. My are American.
B. No. My is American.
C. No. I is American.
D. No. I am American.

A. Me like coffee.
B. I like the coffee.
C. I like coffee.
D. Me don't like coffee.

A. She lives on your street.
B. She live on your street.
C. She do on your street.
D. She does on your street.

8. Do you like music?
A. Yes, I does.
B. Yes, I like.
C. Yes, I do.
D. Yes, I am.

A. She be born in Paris.
B. She is born in Paris.
C. She was born in Paris.
D. She born in Paris.

A. Their mother's name is Karen.
B. Their mother's name are Karen.
C. Their mother are Karen.
D. Their mother's from is Karen.

Spot the different one
A. man
B. boy
C. cat

A. doctor
B. horse
C. dentist

A. cheese
B. milk
C. coffee

A. Spanish
B. Greek
C. Norway

A. kitchen
B. police station
C. bathroom

A. airport
B. train station
C. market

A. yellow
B. pink
C. chair

A. pencil
B. telephone
C. fax

A. jacket
B. umbrella
C. dress

A. butchers
B. shoe store
C. elephant

Choose the correct preposition
21. Peter and Sidney are ...... Australia.
A. from
B. for

22. We walk ...... work every day.
A. to
B. by

23. We don't go ...... train.
A. to
B. by

24. My birthday is ...... the third of March.
A. on
B. at

25. Do you go to the beach ...... summer?
A. on
B. in

26. I live ...... Rosemary Road.
A. at
B. on

27. I got a dog ...... my birthday!
A. from
B. for

28. She is married ...... a doctor.
A. with
B. to

29. You can come ...... me.
A. to
B. with

30. We always eat chicken ...... Christmas.
A. on
B. at



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