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1 Englishtips
Excellent page with lots of resources for English Teachers. Exam material, coursebooks, multimedia...
2 OneStopEnglish
Very good and useful site. Resources for teachers: lesson plan, multimedia, books, games... Material for kids and teenagers.
3 Mansion del inglÚs
Very famous spanish website to learn English. Free tools and courses.
4 ESL Lab
Free resources to learn and teach English. Listening, Grammar, Quizzes...
5 Talking Dice
Language & Literacy teacher resources.
6 English for everybody
Courses, exams, games and books online
Excellent forum for english teachers. Grammar, teaching techniques and many other topics
8 John and Sarah's TEFL Pitstop
A useful selection of EFL games, some online and some to download,
9 English Online
Several resorces for teachers and students including lesson plan tips
10 Teacher Storehouse
Online Shop with all kind of useful tools for teachers
11 Learnenglish
British Council website with Resources for teachers and students
12 English as a Second Language Podcast
Website that offers podcasts to teach English.
13 Funny Lessons
English with Humour (for Spanish Speakers)
Free resources for learning and teaching. Lots of exercises.
Exercises, links, resources, students section, etc...
16 - English Language (ESL) Learning
Many resources for English Teachers. Quizzes and Tests.
17 Busyteacher
Lot of material for english teachers. Different Levels. Vocabulary, Grammar, Games and more.
Online pronunciation guides to 9 varieties of the English language and 9 other languages.
19 Teachit
Quality lesson plans for all levels EFL
20 The Teachers Corner
A wide range of resouces to help EFL teachers.
21 Breaking News English
Ready-to-use ESL/EFL current affairs lessons and plans. Graded news articles, listenings and 20 plus communicative activities uploaded daily.
22 To Learn English
Lots of games and practise exercises
23 Funky English
Resources for ESL Teachers.
24 Englishpage
Lots of teaching articles of how to teach English Grammar
25 ABC Teach
A place for kids, parents, student teachers, and teachers with lots of activities
26 English Learner
Exercises to practice English
27 ESL activities
Online resources for teachers and students
28 English for Spanish Speakers
Exercises and games online for spanish speakers
29 Study English Today
Free material to teach English
30 Real English
Lessons, Videos and Resources for teaching english

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