Englishjet Online Course

•    Englishjet offers a very interesting online English course, known as "Ejet Online". We appreciate that our students have very little free time, so they need something dynamic, informative and entertaining. Ejet Online is also practical and user friendly, And very easy both to follow, and see steady progress.
•    Ejet Online consists of five levels, from A1 to B2, and has 10 units per level. This is more or less 40 hours of lesson time per level. All skills are covered: listening, grammar, vocabulary, reading and pronunciation. There is also a dictionary (in Spanish and English) available with translations.
•    As already stated, Ejet Online is very user friendly and practical. You complete the exercises by moving the words around the page. When you have finished, go to the bottom of the page and click on ‘continue’, to see what progress you have made.
•    Also you can change between levels and lessons as freely as you like.
•    So now, you can get started with your Ejet Online English course, and remember, -it’s completely free!
Course Name Level Units
 Course 1  A 1  10
 Course 2  A 1+  10
 Course 3  A 2  10
 Course 4  B 1  10
 Course 5  B 2  10
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